Chak Phra in Surat Thani Thailand Travel Guide
Thailand Travel Guide Chak Phra in Surat Thani

Chak Phra in Surat Thani Thailand Travel GuideSurat Thani’s Chak Phra Festival is a unique annual celebration that is held at the end of Buddhist Rain Retreat. Chak Phra refers to processions, both on land and water, of Buddha images in Surat Thani. The procession along the Tapi river symbolises the Buddha’s return to Earth. This year, the religious festival runs from today until October 27. During Chak Phra, the locals decorate their boats and trucks with flowers, before adding Buddha images and joining the procession that is marked by the playing of traditional percussion instruments. The festivity also includes long-boat races along the Tapi River. The boats are manned by up to 50 oarsmen. It’s a merry scene as crowds line up along the banks to cheer on their favourites. Other highlights include cultural and music performances. For details, call 077-281-828, 077-281-818/9.

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Koh Yor for Agro-Tourism Songkhla Thailand Travel Guide

Koh Yor for Agro-Tourism Songkhla Thailand Travel GuideA small community in Tambon Koh Yor, Songkhla province is now promoting its agro-tourism project. Koh Yor lies on the shores of Songkhla Lake, home to fish farms, cottage industries, mangrove forests and fruit orchards. Visitors can tour the Tai Yor temple, seaweed centre, weaving community, orchards, Sea Perch farm, and a 100-year-old Chinese shrine. A half-day tour costs Bt130, and additional Bt30 for a meal. For details, call 074-231005.

Good health in Betong Yala Thailand Travel Guide

Good health in Betong Yala Thailand Travel GuideBetong is a delightful town in Yala province in Thailand’s deep south that is famous for it’s lush scenery and good food. On August 31, a Betong festival of Health and Culture will be held in front of the Tourism Information Centre in town. The festival will include cultural performances, health food demonstrations, and food tasting competitions. For details, contact 073-231-214 or 232-039.